The LittleCloud Turtle is a reversible airbag harness designed from the ground up by LittleCloud.  It includes a really cool buckleless strap-in design and an integrated front-mount reserve system. The Turtle is fully certified, and sticks to the LittleCloud philosophy of keeping things simple, easy to use, compact and most of all a pleasure to use.

The Turtle currently comes in only one size, which fits a pilot height of 155-190 cm (5ft – 6ft2”).

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littlecloud turtle review video

First Impression

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littlecloud turtleWhat all comes with the Turtle?

If you purchase a new LittleCloud Turtle, you get the harness, the integrated front mount reserve container, the carabiners, the speed bar system and a couple of compression straps.

A harness needs to be durable.

LittleCloud appears to have put an emphasis on quality and durability when designing and manufacturing the Turtle. All the materials look robust and durable, and all of the “stress points” are reinforced with nylon webbing and additional sewing.

The gliders structure is fully certified via EN 1651. So LittleCloud isn’t playing around here.

One material, in particular, stands out…little cloud turtle

It’s stretchy and appears to be a type of multi-layered Gortex material.. the external layer is soft to the touch and holds the vivid colors of the Turtle exceptionally well, and the internal layer is rubbery and appears to be 100% water and wind proof! Nice stuff.

The additional parts on the Turtle appear to be sourced from reputable manufacturers. For example, the carabiners and thick gunmetal adjustment buckles are from AustriAlpin (designed and manufactured right here in Tirol, Austria) and the speed system pulleys are from RONSTAN (Australia).

Integrated front-mount reserve container.

Quality and durability are maintained on the reserve container. The front shell of the container uses the unique multi-layered material and is colored. The rest of the container is a combination of different quality materials.

The actuation handle is red, and very robust, and maintains a constant rigid curved state.. which should make it very easy to grab when you need to.

The reserve container is fully certified via EN 12491, so if you had any questions about its ability to perform, let them stop there.


Rucksack Form


littlecloud turtleRucksack mode!

When in Rucksack mode, the LittleCloud Turtle fits right in with all the other LittleCloud products.. by being simple, compact and easy to use.

While in rucksack mode, the harness appears tall and thin with 55 liters of total space. It’s so thin that you really need to be aware of how you stack your items inside (thicker stuff toward the bottom, thinner to the top). This thin storage design plays into the harnesses extremely compact design.

Comfort is key..

Yeah, comfort ranks pretty high on the list of priorities for a reversible harness like this, because it will likely be used for a lot of hike & flying.. and most of that process is usually the hiking part.

All the essentials are there with the Turtle. Padded waist strap, padded adjustable shoulder straps, and an adjustable comfort strap in between.

“Where can I put all my small items?” You may ask..

No worries! LittleCloud has equipped the Turtle with multiple small storage options.

Two elastic pouches on the waistband, two elastic pouches on the sides of the rucksack itself, and a zipper pouch at the very top of the rucksack.

Harness Form


littecloud turtleThe Switcharoo!

Switching the Turtle from its rucksack form to the harness form is as easy 1, 2, 3..

  1. You unzip the main zipper to fully open.
  2. You hold the top end of one of the flaps and let the reserve container flip the entire thing around for you.
  3. You re-zip the airbag container and its done!

Compact Harness… with a twist!littlecloud turtle

This thing is COMPACT, even in harness form. LittleCloud took out all the bells and whistles you would see on some other harnesses and kept the Turtle with only the essentials.

The interesting twist behind this design is the beautifully integrated front-mount reserve container of the Turtle. It fits the rest of the design perfectly and doesn’t take away from its ultra-compact design.

littlecloud turtleTwo steps to Success!

A two-step buckle-less strap-in process that also includes the reserve container? Brilliant!

Yeah, I said it, brilliant.. mostly because it is. The Turtle will have you fully strapped in so fast that you’ll be wondering if you missed something.

The process goes like this:

Put the harness shoulder straps on, grab the reserve container from between your legs and pull it up, then simply attach the reserve container loops to your carabiners and its done… leg straps, reserve container and all! Ready to rock!

In The Sky


littlecloud turtle Compact and passively safe!

The LittleCloud Turtle remains compact and minimalistic even after its large protective airbag is filled during flight. The seating position is comfortable and easily adjustable during flight.

The harness has a more upright seating position which gives you great visibility to what’s in front of you.

Ok, all that’s nice, but what about functionality..

Yeah, the LittleCloud Turtle is functional. Weight shifting to control your glider is an important aspect of Paragliding, and the Turtle makes it exceptionally easy to do.

The font-mounted reserve container is HIGHLY visible and EXTREMELY easy to access in the event of an emergency.

Once filled with air, the certified airbag is large and well positioned.. going all the way from the legs to the neck!


Final Thoughts

The LittleCloud Turtle, a compact, vividly colored, well designed reversible harness.

The Turtle holds true to the well-established LittleCloud values of keeping things simple, easy to use and fun for their pilots. The harness is compact and sleek while also remaining passively safe for the pilot. Certainly, the most innovative feature is the two-step strap in process which ALSO incorporates a well thought out and highly functional integrated front-mount reserve container.

So who would want a LittleCloud Turtle harness?

This harness would be awesome for anyone looking to really stand out(vivid colors!), and who is interested in owning a super easy to use, FAST to set up, ultra compact harness that also maintains a lot of passive safety. If you only own large gliders, then this harness probably isn’t for you, since it would be pretty difficult to fit a large glider into the very narrow storage bag of this harness. (*I was able to fit a 24m2 wing with helmet and the integrated reserve container with a little extra space to spare for some snacks)

littlecloud turtle specs