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The LittleCloud Spiruline EZ is a re-designed version of the original LittleCloud Spiruline. The LittleCloud EZ XXL  is an easy to fly, easy to setup glider which seems to be oriented toward newer pilots, casual pilots and schools. It is the equivalent of a low-end EN-B glider.

The EZ comes in an extremely wide range of sizes, and not all of them could be covered by one review. This review will focus on the Spiruline EZ XXL.

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First Impression

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So what do you get??

If you purchase a new LittleCloud Spiruline EZ, you get the glider, a nifty branded LittleCloud glider rucksack, an inner bag to hold the glider, the gliders manual and a line control sheet.


A few thoughts about the quality..

Upon the first inspection of the wing, it is clear that the quality of the materials and the design are top notch.

The large cloud emblem from the LittleCloud logo is sewn to the top surface of the wing in a separate color, you can see this

emblem through the bottom surface as well, as it is a semi-transparent white, which gives it a really cool look when looking at the wing from the ground.

All other emblems and logos are silkscreen printed to the wing.

And the risers?

They seem well made with adequate sewing, and there is no additional LittleCloud branding on them.
The speed system pulleys are hard plastic, and the speed system lines are sheathed and thicker than the other lines on the glider.



Magnetic softy brake handles!

The brake loops are held on by strong magnetic keepers. The loops themselves are nearly completely covered in a soft padded material. The brake lines run through an all-metal pulley.

On The Ground


And so it begins..

Setting up the glider is painless and the materials are thick and durable. Unpacking the glider from its bag only takes a few moments.

Sheathed lines? What’s the big deal..

If you have experience with sorting unsheathed lines, then you know that it can be quite difficult…

but with the EZ’s fully sheathed lines, line sorting can be done in only a few seconds! The lines quickly and easily pop right out of any hanging points, making the entire setup process quick and efficient for guys like me with hardly any patience.

Handling, on the ground!

Yep, ground handling is easily managed with this glider. The EZ’s passive pitch and roll stable behavior makes ground handling easy and stress-free. Once the wing is taken to a stable point over your head, it only takes minimal control inputs to keep it there. This makes it great for newer pilots that still need to build a foundation of muscle memory related to glider control.

In The Sky


Ready for take-off!

Launching the LittleCloud EZ XXL is very simple thanks to its super pitch stable behavior. The wing does not unexpectedly shoot forward after initiating your launch and requires only a small brake input to stop the glider over your head.

The wing is very predictable during and after the launch and should build a great foundation of trust between pilot and glider.

A jack of many trades!

The LittleCloud EZ XXL will do just about anything you want it to. Thermalling, Soaring, Paramotor, Hike & Fly.. the list goes on.. and without a doubt, the best part is that you can do all these things with an easy mind.

That’s because this wing gives you loads of confidence!

That’s right, the wing gave me what felt like a supernatural sense of confidence while I was flying with it. Thermalling was easy and painless, requiring only minor control inputs to correct the glider as I hit the thermals, wingovers were solid as a rock and the glider gave me constant accurate feedback on my position, deep spirals were effortless.. and the glider came out of them with ease and comfort.

Final Thoughts

The LittleCloud Spiruline EZ is a wonderful (and much needed) addition to the LittleCloud lineup.

Based on the tried and true original Spiruline, the wing maintains the compact, fun-loving, action packed characteristics that people came to expect from LittleCloud. The larger size EZ’s take LittleCloud’s lineup into more familiar Paraglider territory, making the wing much more accessible to a wider range of pilots and skill levels.

So who would want an EZ (XL, XXL, KingSize)?

The EZ is clearly an excellent choice as a first wing, but I think it would also be a great wing for any pilots who just want to fly casually, or just lack confidence in themselves while flying. The LittleCloud EZ (XL, XXL, KingSize) will certainly build a foundation of trust and enjoyment in any pilot’s mind to keep them happy, having fun, and flying for many years to come!

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